Flask Atomic

Flask Atomic leverages the power of Flask Blueprints & SQLAlchemy to provide a plugin application builder. Blueprints are essentially mini Flask applications that are registered to the Flask application. Encapsulated within these Blueprints are all routes, templates etc…

When developing Flask applications and working with large amounts of models where boilerplate CRUD operations are required. With well-defined code, Flask Atomic has the opportunity to render potentially hundreds of lines of redundant.

This project was heavily influenced by repetitive efforts to get quick and dirty APIs up and running, with the bad practice of re-using a lot of code, over and over again. Instead of relying on throwaway efforts, Flask Atomic provides a very simply means to abstract away code and enable RESTful API best practices that are often esoteric and difficult to engineer for small projects.

This library also contains a few helpers and other utilities that I have found helpful.


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